Why Glamping Tents Are So Popular?


Camping has numerous positive effects on its participants. Empowering. But, you know, it’s not exactly a glamorous job. Sleeping on the forest floor when you haven’t showered for two days might not scream “luxury,” but the best glamping tents for sale on the market can make you feel like you’re adding a little bit of indulgence to an awesome night beneath the stars.

Luxury Tent

You want to go hiking, but you don’t have a tent yet. If glamorous camping is on the itinerary, think about the weather, the number of people going, how much time you must set up camp, and whether you’ll be driving or hiking to determine the best tent for your trip. Here are some things to consider while shopping for a glamping tent.

Dimensions and Mass

There are practical considerations to make when purchasing a glamping tent due to their increased size and higher weight. You can’t possibly get eight people inside a tent, can you? You can get tents and yurts ranging in size from 7 by 7 feet to 18 feet in circle, and in weight from 15 to 80 pounds.


The traditional bell form (with a rounded top), A-frame, rounded, and square are just few of the luxurious tent shapes available. An A-frame or bell tent will provide the most headroom for standing inside.

Climate and Temperature

Choosing a well-insulated, warm tent is essential for cold-weather camping. However, if you’ll be camping in a warmer climate, a tent made of a less insulating material might be more appropriate. If you need to prepare for rain, polycotton and nylon are excellent options, whereas canvas needs to be treated with a waterproofing agent.

Tents with a Bell Shape

While there’s no denying that bell tents are trendy right now, you might be wondering whether a canvas or polycotton option is more suited to your needs. Reduced expense is the primary benefit. A nice canvas bell tent of 5 metres in diameter may be purchased, providing shelter for two parents and four children with minimal effort.

Luxury Safari Tents

For a more permanent setup, safari tents are an excellent choice. They are more robust and weather-resistant than traditional bell tents, making them an excellent choice for the colder months. As a rule, the frames are constructed from bamboo because it is both sturdy and easy to work with.

Learning the Basics of Glamping

The most basic form of glamping focuses more on luxury than on roughing it in the great outdoors. Choose this if you want to be in the thick of the campgrounds, close enough to the fire pit to stay until the embers die out before retiring to your cozy bed.

The Perfect Amount of Glamping

Visit Curry Village in Yosemite National Park in northern California for a dose of nature without the glitz. Its “cabins” are essentially elevated tents, furnished with basic cots indoors and bear cans for all your food outdoors. The showers and bathrooms are shared, but at least there is water pressure.


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